Audemars Piguet


Midnight Masters


JSF Collective






Brief: As one of the last family-owned watchmaking companies in Swtizerland, Audemars Piguetpride themselves on a uniquely personal relationship with their ambassadors. This sense of family spirit is seen between their golfing ambassadors too, which the brand asked us to bring to life in an integrated online campaign. 

"Spectacular display of night golf" - LBB

Response: How do we challenge the best in the world? The answer – trickshots by night. The golfers joined us at midnight for some light-hearted competition, showing off their skills on a course lit up withbespoke illuminations. The unusual challenge brought out the friendly rivalry between the golfers as they tackled a series of unique and unusual sporting challenges.

Outcome: Alongside the main online film, which received widespread coverage across golf and lifestyle publications, we produced ten teasers and a suite of social media content including special behind the scenes footage. The golfers were also an integral part of the roll out, tweeting each other about the experience.