Call The Shots


Ballantine’s wanted to engage new audiences in key markets of Asia, USA and Europe, as well as reaching out to a younger demographic of golf enthusiasts. The Ballantine's ethos is very inclusive - all golfers are welcome at their Golf Club - and this spirit is behind our idea.  

Response: The idea was simple. How fun would it be for golfers of all ability to play a hole and test their skill with one of the world's best golfers.  We teamed up with 6 time Ryder Cup winner Paul McGinley to create an interactive video, where you call the shots. Interactive videos can sound good in a PR hook, but the actual experience is often underwhelming. It can feel like a gimmick; interactive video for its own sake. With Call the Shots, the idea came first and then our bespoke tech was designed to deliver what was needed. We always want people to remember the fun of the film, not the technology.

Outcome: The film garnered worldwide earned media.  Launched on Mashable, Call the Shots was picked up by every major golf publication around the world from UK to Vietnam to USA as well as crossing over into lifestyle publications such as GQ.