Collecting Stories

Christie's needed to appeal to a new, younger demographic.  The brand had a perception of being exclusive, stuffy, out-of-reach and dealing only with auctions for priceless artworks.  
We devised a content campaign, now in its 4th year, that would open up the brand, and make it feel accessible, human and warm.  

We developed three content strands (Collector’s Stories, Wish List and Open House), with varying themes.  These have been deployed across digital, print and live events.  
Collecting Stories - series showing the human side of collecting.  Revealing the individuals and their loves in a way that feels relatable and accessible.
Wish List - bringing Christie's 'Art People' to the fore, showing their knowledge, passion and approachability.
Open House - interactive films and content showing the breadth of items up for auction at Christie's, to support Christie's live events.

The success of the campaign helped online sales grow by 53%.   "First time buyers help Christie's reach record sales" - FT
Collectors' Stories:
David Gainsborough Roberts