Weekend Not Wasted

The brief was to reach and motivate 60% 18-24 year olds that responsible drinking is aspirational.



Audience research showed that whilst binge drinking is still a problem with this portion of Gen Z, there was a strong aspirational mindset to make the most of time through a productive lifestyle.

We saw an opportunity to shift focus from the negatives of drinking too much, to the positives that come from responsible drinking, and created ‘Weekend Not Wasted’. This 3-part content series shifts the focus away from the drinking occasion, to celebrate all of the things you can accomplish when you don’t overdo it the night before. 


Partnering with MTV, the series featured three influential presenters as they took on the challenge of swapping hangovers for adventures.

The campaign was delivered across MTV’s broadcast and digital channels in the UK, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, and Germany. Supporting content further communicated the aspirational value of responsible drinking and a robust media plan drove people to watch the series. 

While full results are still pending, the campaign outperformed reach targets and observed engagement has shown positive uptake of the message – with viewers taking inspiration from the content to plan their own weekends not wasted.