Nest Home Index

People know Nest for their commitment to technology, safety and energy.  But what really matters to Nest is home.  What it means to people, how to make it better.
So we created the Nest Home Index.  A social media and thought-leadership project that positions Nest firmly as champions of the Thoughtful Home.
Based on a survey of 2000 homeowners across the US and UK, we asked people about their home.  The results were fascinating.  For example: both 25-year-olds and 64-year-olds have lived in around five homes in their lives, despite 64-year-olds having lived more than twice as long.
We translated these into infographics and animations that brought to life the findings on Instagram, and were used in thought leadership pieces for PR.
Over a 12 week period the campaign outperformed KPI's, and by tapping into culturally relevant and recognisable themes, Nest experienced a 20% uplift in social conversation around the brand.
The Nest Home Index is now a repeatable format that we will be working with Nest on in the future - so watch this space.