Orange is the New Black

Coinciding with the launch of the seventh (and final) season of Orange is the New Black, we’ve been working with Netflix on a campaign to celebrate the legacy of the show and its impact on UK fans.


We used our real people and story casting service, Real Story Network, to find fans across the country whose lives have been impacted by the show. Reflecting on Orange since it first premiered in 2013, fans told us how the show has given them role models, community, visibility and even inspired some to come out. 


As Netflix’s best loved show on the platform, Orange has had an incredible influence on culture: breaking barriers when it comes to representation and genre. No wonder the Times named it the most influential show of the decade. 


Taking inspiration from the show’s iconic title sequence, which features the eyes of real prisoners, our campaign consists of real fans as they share their own stories of how the show has positively impacted their lives, covering issues of race, gender, sexuality and mental health.