War Child

O2 asked us to promote ‘BRITs Week War Child Together with O2’, with the objective to increase charity donations (through a ticket ballot) and drive brand love for O2.

Our strategy found an opportunity for O2 to build brand love by taking a different approach to previous campaigns, which had focussed on artist promotion. Although artist promotion was effective in driving ballot entries, it did not communicate the real reason for the gigs (supporting War Child); without taking an authentic stand on the issue, O2 was coming across as just a music promoter.


We saw an opportunity for O2 to connect with an audience who show a preference for brands that take a stand on issues they care about in a tangible and relatable way.


The idea - 15 gigs, 15 kids - put War Child, and the kids they help, centre stage. We matched every artist to an individual child who received their help. We then created a series of animations to tell powerful stories of real children affected by war, helping audiences to understand the cause and where their donations were going. 


The campaign videos were played across O2 and artist social channels, and at venues across the week (videos played before shows and posters explaining the story).


We drove brand love and increased donations by 15% (versus 2018). There was a measured uplift in both awareness of the O2 and War Child partnership and association between O2 and War Child BRITs week.